Oleificio San Calogero

San Calogero oil mill began in the early twentieth century and continued to the present day, handed down from generation to generation the love of quality and authenticity. From 1923, the business was conducted by Mr Santangelo Giuseppe, owner of an estate of about 300 olive plants, located in the zone of “Scunchipani”. Initially, the oil mill was previously called "TRAPPITO", worked with two stone and wood presses that were turned by a donkey and pressed the Extra Virgin Olive Oil; with this process the extra virgin olive oil was separated from the water and rose up to the surface. In 1970 the oil mill moved to the outskirts of the city , this time with mechanical pressure installations and a discontinuous cycle. In 1983, the system was changed to a continuous cycle with the “Alfa Laval” machines, until arrival in... 1993 with the introduction of the first mill with ARA system. Today the company has a new production facility, even bigger and and with latest generational systems.