Adoption campaign developed and designed to enhance the tradition of our territory.
Make a gift to yourself, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy an extra virgin olive oil from the health qualities.

You just fill out the simple contract that you will find in our website and choose one or more different cultivars that best satisfy your palate. You will be informed of all stages of processing. A finished product, with a small contribution of shipping, you'll receive a fantastic oil produced by your Secular Plant and a scroll containing all the identification data of the tree and the name you want to give the same to your olive. If you want you can also participate in various processes, follow the production cycle and also take a guided tour in the company. The initiative also provides for the possibility of receiving a present one of our fantastic 4 cruets in ceramics, hand-painted, if you bring a relative or friend in the project "Adopt a plant of Olive Tree".

Adhere to download the contract, completed and submitted signed by A/R at Oleificio San Calogero Di Santangelo Giuseppe & c. SAS, via A. De Gasperi 152. 92019 Sciacca (Ag) or at the certified email